Podcast: The Role of Archeology in the Conflict

Podcast: The Role of Archeology in the Conflict

Archeology affects many aspects of life and politics across Israel and Palestine. This week I interviewed Yonathan Mizrachi, an archaeologist who founded the organization Emek Shaveh. It describes itself at its website as “an organization of archaeologists and community activists focusing on the role of archaeology in Israeli society and in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

We talked about the role of archeology in Israeli governmental strategy regarding settlements and why shared histories are important and real.

Nicole Cooper
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Nicole Cooper is a Canadian artist and social justice activist. She was a PPI intern in Jerusalem, who participated in Achvat Amim, a Jerusalem-based volunteer program that aims to build Jewish identity and teach volunteers about the conflict. She also worked with the Jahalin Bedouin tribe, the Muslala artist collective, and at the Yad B'Yad Jewish-Arab School.

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  • Alice Beauchamp says

    Archeological studies can shed much-needed light in the darkness of myths
    so oft repeated, that begin to assume appearance of truths

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