Transfer Stock

Thank you for your interest in making a charitable gift to Partners of Progressive Israel in the form of a Stock Transfer.

Transferring appreciated securities (held more than one year) is an excellent way to support Partners for Progressive Israel and receive double tax benefits, including:

  • A charitable income tax deduction based on the full fair market value of the securities; and
  • Avoidance of the capital gain tax otherwise due upon the sale of the appreciated stock, bonds or mutual funds.

Inform your broker in writing that you wish to give appreciated securities to PPI. View the sample letter with stock transfer instructions to provide specific information regarding the securities you are donating.

Let us know that you have initiated a transfer of securities to PPI account by contacting Maya Haber at Provide your name, so that we can give you the proper tax receipt as well as acknowledge your gift.

The value of your gift will be calculated by using the mean value of each share on the date the shares arrive in our brokerage or mutual fund account.

If you are concerned about the timing of your gift, please be sure to work closely with your broker or mutual fund company to ensure that the shares are transferred in a timely manner.