The French Initiative and the Meretz Party

Partners for Progressive Israel notes with approval the statement of the Meretz party in Israel reproduced below endorsing the French initiative for an international conference on the Middle East. We have long deplored the absence of any movement toward a two-state resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and we believe more than ever that the opening of negotiations is critical in the near term. We agree that the occupation of the Palestinian land and people is immoral and contrary to Israel’s own interests. If the current opportunity is lost there may never be another and the possibility of Israel remaining a democratic and Jewish state will be lost. If Israel is forced to choose between its commitment to Judaism and its democratic character it will end up as neither Jewish nor democratic but rather a nationalistic autocracy that will be a perversion of the Zionist dream.

The peace process which was launched successfully with the Oslo agreements in 1993 has been at a standstill for a long time. All the initiatives since then – the Road map, the negotiations at Annapolis, the negotiations led by Secretary of State Kerry have brought no results.
Notwithstanding the declaration of Prime Minister Netanyahu a few years ago at the Bar-Ilan University supporting a two-state solution, the policy of the two last Israeli Governments has been to avoid any serious contact with the Palestinian Authority, and to postpone indefinitely any possible solution to the conflict. In fact, the members of the current government are divided over this issue, and therefore the proposal of a two state solution has never been adopted as the Government’s policy.

Meretz, the representative party of the Israeli left, believes that the creation of a Palestinian State alongside the State of Israel is necessary and urgent and is a vital interest of Israel. We believe that the continued occupation of the Palestinian people and land is immoral and that the prolonged status quo is dangerous for Israel and for the entire region. Therefore we welcome the French initiative to convene an International Peace Conference. Any step that may bring the sides together, with the assistance of the international community should be encouraged and pursued.