Supporting Black Lives Movement Goals

Partners for a Progressive Israel has been following with great interest the manifesto of the Black Lives Movement and its allied organizations. As an organization fully in support of racial as well as social and economic justice, Partners supports the core goals of BLM.  The Movement for Black Lives coalition has included in its recent, lengthy agenda a section on the Israel/Palestine conflict which we find regrettable, particularly as an organization active in promoting state sovereignty, dignity, and independence for both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.  The incendiary use of terms like “genocide” to describe Israel’s Occupation policies is particularly hurtful to us as well as analytically wrong and inapt.  Its use also does not contribute to building broad, effective alliances to realize BLM’s goals.

This disagreement should, however, not distract us from the real goals of BLM or detract from our support of them.  For far too long, the degradations, subordinations, and deprivations endured by Black Americans have been allowed to continue.  They must be ended, their structures dismantled.  In this spirit, PPI endorses and joins the statements on this issue issued by Jeremy Ben Ami on behalf of J St and by the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, T’ruah, linked below.