Israel Study Tour

If you want to influence Israel, you should first understand it.
This was a fabulous trip. The depth and range of the presentations left us so much better informed than almost any non-Israeli not totally immersed in Israeli politics and society. I am really grateful. — David Rush


In the absence of a diplomatic horizon, Partners for Progressive Israel redesigned its annual Israel-study-trip to enhance participants’ advocacy tools and focus on how we, Americans, can help steer Israelis and Palestinians toward peace.

Join us to experience the politics of everyday life! Enjoy the access that only the hospitality of the World Union of Meretz can offer!

Get to know Israeli society: discuss with experts how Netanyahu’s economic reforms incentivize Israelis to immigrate to West Bank settlements. Visit communities living along the Gaza border and learn about the social and security impacts of the conflict on their lives. Walk through Arab Israeli cities and learn about the obstacles to social and economic integration into Israeli society. Speak with activists about the environmental impact of the conflict. But most importantly, learn about the movements working to turn the tide and how you and your community can help them.

Get to know Palestinian society: Meet Palestinian leaders and activists and learn the effect of the lack of a diplomatic horizon on their society. Walk through communities suffering from house demolition. Enter military courts and meet the parents of Palestinian kids arrested for stone throwing. Explore with Palestinian activists the critical issue of “normalization.” And most importantly, learn about the factors fostering hope for a just peace and those leading to despair. Ask Palestinian activists how you can help.


The tour introduces participants to such issues as:

  • The economies of Israel and Palestine as they affect resolution of the conflict
  • The nature of ideological infrastructures that drive Israeli and Palestinian societies
  • Ethnic and religious divisions
  • The place of immigrants and refugees in Israel
  • The challenges facing those on the Gaza border
  • Environmental challenges

In our last trip in January 2017, we met 10 Knesset members and traveled from the Beer Sheva in the south to the Sea of Galillee in the north. We visited Palestinian towns and Jewish settlements, an unrecognized Bedouin village, the Knesset, kibbutzim on the Gaza border, the Ofer military court and so much more.

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Prices for Israel Study Tour 2017:

  • To stay in your own hotel – $2,100
  • To stay in a double room at our hotel with another participant – $2,900
  • To stay in a single room at our hotel – $3,400

The price includes meals, transportation and hotel. Participants are responsible for airfare.