PPI Agrees: Resettle Syrian Refugees!

syrian refugeesPartners for Progressive Israel strongly endorses the statement by its sister organization, Ameinu, of November 20, titled “Stop Demagoguery: Resettle Syrian Refugees.”  As a Jewish Organization in America we are mindful of and mourn those would be Jewish refugees of the 1930s and 1940s who lost their lives after being refused admission to the United States because of similar absurd fears of “terrorists” or traitors among them that are being stoked against Syrian refugees today.  We associate ourselves with Ameinu and other Jewish organizations who have courageously supported the admission to the United States of vetted Syrian refugees.

By the same token we reaffirm our earlier statement associating ourselves with Isaac Herzog and Zehava Galon who called upon the Netanyahu government to admit Syrian refugees to Israel.  We deplore the Israeli government’s refusal to grant refuge to the African refugees already in Israel, or to recognize its responsibility as a bordering nation to offer succor to fleeing Syrians as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey have done.  We note that Israel, which harbors a large population of Druze who have since its inception been loyal to the State, should respond to the pleas of its own Druze people and save their coreligionists who are directly menaced by the Islamic State. PPI’s previous statement on refugees is attached.