PPI Statement on BDS

Partners for Progressive Israel deplores the prominence that has been recently given to the BDS movement by all sides. We are disturbed that the question of one’s position on BDS has been seized on by a number of Jewish organizations as a litmus test of support for Israel   In our view, discussion of BDS is a distraction from the most crucial task that Israel faces, which is to end the Occupation, now in its 51st year.

However, given the current importance placed on BDS, we understand the necessity to state our position as concisely as possible:

  • PPI supports Israel as a Jewish and democratic state that should be accepted and recognized as an equal trading partner by all nations on Earth.
  • We reject as utterly unfounded the notion that Israel’s nationhood is currently under threat by BDS.
  • PPI opposes the BDS movement. We believe that it is unfair to single out Israel for opprobrium. We also believe that it is ineffective, that it distracts from the real issue, and that its importance has been invidiously inflated by its opponents as well as by its supporters.
  • We are convinced that settlement activity is contrary to the interests of both Israelis and Palestinians, and that it is the primary impediment to peace and the establish­ment of a peaceful Palestinian state next to Israel. We therefore support individual and group efforts to refuse economic support for the settlements, and otherwise symbolically or practically oppose them. We stress that these settlements have been built on territories that are NOT a part of Israel, according to both the Israeli government and the international consensus.

Nov. 13, 2017